Points are earned by Matching Chuzzles in Chuzzle Deluxe.

3x Chuzzle match: 30 points, 4x Chuzzle match: 65 points, 5x Chuzzle match, 100 points

Level match bonus: +5 points for each level after the first level. First level awards 30 points, second level awards 35 points, third level awards 40 points, and so on

Combos (two or more groups of matches): 500 bonus points

Fat Chuzzle: 30 bonus points

Super Chuzzle (making one): 250 bonus points

Puzzle Lock: 250 bonus points

Rainbow Chuzzle: 3000 points

Cascades (subsequent and automatic matches dropping from Chuzzles): first cascade awards 60 points (2x match score), second cascade awards 90 points (3x match score), third cascade awards 120 points (4x match score), fourth or more cascades awards 150 points (5x match score)

Additional scrambles: 150000, 300000, 600000 points

No additional points for exploding a Super Chuzzle.

All Chuzzle Colors (except Rainbow Chuzzles) are equal in point value.

Expert mode's points are double than Casual mode.

The penalty for using the Hint button is the point total that you have accrued within the last 10 matches. Using a hint removes a little bit from the flask.

Chuzzles have a secret fetish for stylish eyewear. No extra points are granted if a random Chuzzle chooses to flaunt its fabulous sense of style.