Chuzzle characters and features:

A red Chuzzle

  • Chuzzles – The Chuzzles anxiously wait their whole lives for the immeasurable joy of being joined together with other Chuzzles. Join three or more same-color Chuzzles together and watch them explode with happiness!
  • Fat Chuzzles – These biggies can be matched with regular Chuzzles, but when you click

    A red Fat Chuzzle

    and drag them, their sizeable bodies affect two Chuzzle rows at the same time!
  • Rainbow Chuzzles – The rare and elusive rainbow Chuzzles can be more difficult to group, but worth extra points if you can!
  • Super Chuzzles – Match five or more same-color Chuzzles at the same time to create a pulsing, high-octane Super Chuzzle. Match the Super Chuzzle with same-color regular Chuzzles and the results are highly explosive. Detonate a Super Chuzzle next to another Super Chuzzle for a mega-blast!
  • Puzzle Locks – At random (but more frequently during higher levels) Puzzle Locks will drop on Chuzzles, firmly locking into place the Chuzzles and their corresponding rows. Matching two or more
    Rainbow chuzzle icon normal

    A Rainbow Chuzzle


    A Chuzzle about to be locked.

    same-color Chuzzles with “locked” Chuzzles will break them out and free the locked rows.
  • Scrambles – Scrambles allow you to refresh and shuffle the Chuzzle grid if you have reached a point where no more matches can be made. You only have a few, so try to save them!